Who is Beoka


Incorporated the company.


Obtained the medical device production license and being first medical device standard certified for electrotherapy products and medium frequency electrotherapy instrument.


ISO9001 and ISO13485 (medical-grade standard device) certified.


Obtained medical device standard certifications for a number of rehabilitation products, including force therapy products, air wave pressure therapy instrument, and electrotherapy products – transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation instrument, neuromuscular electrical stimulation instrument and spastic muscle low frequency therapy instrument.


Launched a medical-grade standard DMS (deep muscle stimulator) deep muscle stimulator for hospital rehabilitation therapists, serving thousands of medical institutions and rehabilitation centres.


Listed in National SME (New Third Board) stock exchange.


Launched the hydraulic massage table, filling the market gap of the domestic 6-nozzle hydraulic massage table and successfully breaking the monopoly of European and American rehabilitation technology companies.


  •  Launched first force therapy product with independent intellectual property rights – portable muscle massager (i.e. massage gun).
  •  The first company in China to obtain the medical device standard certification for handheld medium frequency electrotherapy instrument, marking the gradual expansion of medium frequency electrotherapy products serving medical institutions to individuals and families.
  •  Obtained the medical device standard certification for hyperthermigation therapy products, and further expanded its product line to the field of traditional Chinese medicine rehabilitation.
  •  Obtained National High-Tech Enterprise status certification.


  •  The first company in China to obtain the medical device standard certification of thermotherapy products — automatic constant temperature wax therapy machine.
  •  The first in the world to launch a portable muscle massager with two lithium batteries and Type-C interface, leading a new revolution in the lightweight and portable global massage gun industry.


Exported MINI massage series to United States, the European Union, Japan and South Korea and other countries and regions, and are widely recognized by consumers around the world.


  •  Partnered with West China Hospital of Sichuan University to develop wearable osteoporosis magnetic therapy instrument.
  •  Become a Huawei HarmonyOS Connect Partner. Together, launched the world’s first HarmonyOS Connect-enabled massage gun.
  •  Launched the Portable Air Pressure Massage System, a pneumatic product, and the Oxygen Therapy product, a portable oxygen concentrator.


  •  Nominated as one of the “Specialized SMEs” in Sichuan Province in 2021.
  •  Upgraded listing from National SME (New Third Board) to Beijing Stock Exchange