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PORTABLE M2 PRO Deep Tissue Massage Gun

PORTABLE M2 PRO Deep Tissue Massage Gun

Beoka M2 PRO Deep Tissue Percussive Massage Gun is a formidable, reliable, and enduring device boasting remarkable stall force, and nearly silent operation, for swift and effective muscle relief. Ultra-portable, lightweight, and built to last, delivering an impressive stall force with a 9mm amplitude, it precisely targets and alleviates muscle pain and soreness at just the right depth.

Top pick for healthcare professionals like chiropractors and physiotherapists.

What’s Included in the Box:

  • Portable M2 PRO Massager
  • Beoka carrying case
  • 5 professional massage heads
  • USB Type-C charging cable
  • Manual
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Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
Clement Pang

I recently tried the Beoka M2 PRO Deep Tissue Percussive Massage Gun, and I’m thoroughly impressed. Here are the key highlights:

Formidable Performance:
The stall force of this massage gun is remarkable. It delivers powerful muscle relief, targeting knots and tension effectively.
Whether it’s post-workout recovery or soothing sore muscles after a long day, the Beoka M2 PRO gets the job done.

Nearly Silent Operation:
Unlike some noisy massage guns, the Beoka M2 PRO operates quietly. You can enjoy a relaxing massage without disturbing others around you.
The silent performance adds to the overall satisfaction.

Swift and Effective:
Lightweight and easy to handle, this massage gun provides deep tissue relief without compromising comfort.
With multiple attachments, you can customize your massage experience and target specific muscle groups.
Overall, the Beoka M2 PRO is a reliable and enduring device that combines power, comfort, and quiet operation. If you’re looking for effective muscle relief, give it a try! 🌟

Tilak B.

I am excited with the purchase of this product. It is handy and perfect for self messaging with various intensities as we like.

Ernest B.

I have the L2 which is the travel unit and recently got the M2 which really packs a punch.
It is a great product, the amplitude really helps you reach the deep muscle which is tight.

Jack T.

Very powerful hand held massager. Good to have it to relief muscle after long run. Very quiet massager with elegant look compared to other model in market. Also very long lasting battery.
If u struggle with which model to buy, can consider this model. They also have mini massager with super lightweight to be carried along with u any place u like.


After my PIBM 10km run, I got a great massage using M2 Pro. It really helped my muscles relax, and the whole experience was fantastic. Highly recommend!"